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10 things to do in Warsaw - Soul Adventurer

10 things to do in Warsaw

Warsaw is one of my favorite cities in the world. I won’t objective here because I lived in Warsaw for 13 years and I feel very sentimental about this city.Warsaw before World War II was a beautiful, thriving city, full of old tenement houses and monuments. In 1945, it was bombed by the Germans occupying Poland and virtually completely razed to the ground, it was only the churches and a few houses that remained. After the war, with great effort, the Poles rebuilt Warsaw, which today, after 70 years, shines with full luster and continues to grow. It is definitely a European capital that is worth visiting.

Below is a list of 10 things and places that in my opinion are worth visiting in Warsaw.

1. Warsaw’s Uprising Museum.

If you want to know the contemporary history of Warsaw, you must visit the Warsaw’s Uprising Museum, commemorating the heroic struggle of the Warsaw Uprising against the German invader. Then you will understand why every year, on the first of August, the whole city comes to a stop.

More info 1944.pl

2. Hala Koszyki.

If you like eating well and eating in interesting spaces, you have to visit “Hala Koszyki.” Here you will find different cuisine from all over the world like a Mexican Gringo Bar, Sushi Restaurant or just traditional Polish gourmet cuisine. This, alongside cafes, fresh food stores, shopping galleries, art exhibitions. It has something for everyone. At weekends, you can eat in the main hall with DJs playing in the background. Ideal place for lunch, dinner, before partying, or even morning coffee and shopping.

More info koszyki.com

3. Vistula Boulevards.

If you are going to Warsaw in the summer you have to visit the Vistula Boulevards.  It’s a very vibrant place, you can dance to the music played by the best DJs, listen to alternative Polish and foreign bands. Get your night going before a party, or greet the morning on the beach lounge.  During the day you can practice Yoga, work-out and drink a cup of good coffee away from the city noise.

4. Palace of culture

A gem of Warsaw architecture. A building that cannot not be seen. It stands in the very center of Warsaw and is called the Palace of Culture and Science. It was erected as a gift from the Soviet people to the Polish Nation, 10 years after the end of the Second World War. Today, it arouses a lot of controversy. For some it is a symbol of communism and should be demolished, for others it is a second symbol of Warsaw. The palace has 3288 rooms, from tiny hidden rooms to the monumental interiors of the Kongresowa Hall. In the Palace you can find cinemas, concert halls, clubs, museums, a swimming pool and much more. It is worth coming to the top to drink a coffee with a view of Warsaw.

More info: pkin.pl

5. Łazienki królewskie (Royal Baths)

Without a doubt, Łazienki Królewskie is the most beautiful and largest park in Warsaw. An ideal place for a romantic walk and relax in the center of the urban agglomeration. It has beautifully maintained magical gardens, majestic trees, a Palace on the Water, a Chinese Garden, a classical apmpiteather inspired by Greek and Roman Architecture. if you lucky enough you will glimpse peacocks or deers. It is an amazing oasis that will take you to a different dimension.

More info: lazienki-krolewskie.pl

6. Hala Gwardii

Similar to the Hala Koszyki, but more old school and less pricey. Here you can eat and buy food from all over the world. From Polish bread, honey or meat to Italian cheese, prosciutto, smoked fish, wine, beer, etc. you name it. In addition to gastronomy and trade, the polish culture flourishes here. This is a meeting place for Warsaw residents. There is a post communist vibe inside the site.

More info  halagwardii.pl

7. Streets Nowy Świat & Krakowskie Przedmieście

Start to walk from the corner of the streets Nowy Świat and Aleje Jerozolimskie and go towards Krakowskie Przedmieście and then the Old Town. On the way, you can admire the old Warsaw architecture, stop for something to eat or drink. By far the most cosmopolitan part of the city.

8. Plac Zbawiciela (Savior Square)

Personally, this is my favorite square in Warsaw. Its name comes from the beautiful church Zbawiciela (The saviour). One of the most favorite places of Warsaw bohemia; hipsters, artists, actors, hip-hop artists, painters, etc. Here you will always meet interesting characters. On the perimeter of the square there are several cafes, pubs and restaurants. In summer evenings, the square is full of life. If you want to have a good cup of coffee, we recommend Karma Caffe. For evening drinking Plan Be bar, and if you want to eat a good breakfast or lunch, visit the bar Charlotte.

9. Kredytowa 9

I really like this place because of the nature of the interior, the musical atmosphere and multifunctionality. During the day, you can drink good coffee, shave your beard, buy vinyl records or eat breakfast or have an excellent lunch. In the evening the club Miłość invites you to a rich program of alternative club music. Artists who have played here are Anderson Paak, Dam Funk, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, What So Not, Low Leaf and many more. A stylish place. Worth a visit.


10. POLIN, Museum of the History of Polish Jews

While Poland was under German occupation, the Nazis created a ghetto for the Jewish community in Warsaw. Today, within the boundaries of the former ghetto, a beautiful building of the POLIN Museum of Polish Jews was erected, the message of which is not focused on the Holocaust, but on the contribution of Jews to the development of Polish culture, science and economy. Worth a visit.

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