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10 Reasons to visit Ibiza - Soul Adventurer

10 Reasons to visit Ibiza

I’ve been to Ibiza many times and each time I go I discover something new. Well known for its legendary party status, Ibiza is a mecca for those who want to dance till dawn but the holistic, rural natural side is less well known. For those who want to experience more of what the White Isle has to offer then see my 10 Reasons to… .

1. Stonehenge

Known to locals as ‘Stonehenge’ this contemporary monument is a stunning new attraction in Ibiza. The monument was created by Australian artist Andrew Rodgers and commissioned by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté (who has a villa close by).

To me it conjures up the feeling of being within a 20m high sundial and is an ideal place to watch the sun set. Approaching the site, you pass through wooden double doors inlaid with Arabic inscriptions and motifs. The doors perfectly frame the semi circle of basalt columns and the stunning coastline. Truly a unique experience on the island.

2. Amnesia

Amnesia is one of the most iconic and influential nightclubs in the world. This award winning club has an intensity and an atmosphere that is missing from some of it’s counterparts.

Amnesia mixes traditional dance music with more underground genres such as dubstep and base music, this packs a visceral punch for traditional ravers and has led to some iconic nights. The two main rooms are famed for the ice canons, foam parties and fire shows. One the rooms even floods with light from the morning sunrise for those still partying.

A must for a quintessential Ibiza clubbing experience.

More on amnesia.es

3. Dalt Villa

The Ramparts in Ibiza are a chance to feel the history of the island. The old town is UNCESCO world heritage site, that dates back 2500 years ago and the city’s cathedral dates back to the 13th century. The old town is where you can see traces of the Moors’ impact on the island and view artefacts and architecture from the different periods of Ibiza’s history, including the Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman eras.

You can explore the narrow, winding cobbled streets, which lead up to the magnificent views of the Ramparts. The ramparts are the protective walls of Ibiza city which reach over 25m high and include 7 bastions.

Today there is a plentiful amount of restaurants, art galleries, gift shops and even an open-air cinema to explore. As Dalt Villa is beautifully lit as night it is equally perfect for a romantic stroll after dinner.

4. Es Vedra

Es Vedra holds a place in many an Ibicenco’s heart. Shrouded in mystery and intrigue Es Vedra is said to be the 3rd most magnetic place on earth. This has been debated but it is almost impossible to get a direct compass reading on Es vedra and the navigation system in boats goes haywire when close to it.

At less than 2km from Ibiza’s west coast Es Vedra has long been at the centre of myths and legends for Ibiza’s residents. For example, it said to be the birth place of the Goddess Tanit, the home of sirens and sea nymphs and one of the most famous legends is that Es Vedra is the tip of the lost city of Atlantis. Whatever the mythology, Es Vedra is said to have a positive healing and a creative inspiring energy.

Personally, I love going the cliff edge and enjoying the view. The contrast of the rugged stillness of the island against the sea is lovely and every time Es Vedra comes into view I make a wish.

5. Ibiza rocks at Pike’s Hotel

One of the places I was most intrigued to visit was Pike’s Hotel. Often described as the most famous and/or infamous hotel on the island Pike’s Hotel has a colourful legacy and a reputation for the hippie hedonism that Ibiza does so well.

Tony Pike bought a derelict finca east of san Antonio and transformed it into a luxury hotel. The hotel soon attracted celebrities and was frequented by stars such as Julio Iglesias, George Michael and Naomi Campbell. The hotel took a dip in fortunes by the 1990s, with tragedy striking Pike’s personal life. It was later bought by Ibiza Rocks  who have breathed new life back into the hotel. They have kept the individuality of each room as well the feel of the original finca.

As of 2017 you can stay at the hotel from £199, but if that is not for you then you can visit the successful restaurant ‘Room 39’ or one of the exciting event nights which range from flamenco dancing, to celebrity Djs to Costume balls, all in the cosy finca setting.

More on pikesibiza.com

6. Formentiera

If Ibiza is the queen of the night then Formentera is the queen of the day. Located around 30 mins from Ibiza by Ferry available from harbours in Santa Eulalia, playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza Town and San Antonio.

Without a doubt Formentera has some of the most beautiful beaches outside of the Caribbean, with the water having over 40m visibility. The beaches are white, sandy and perfect, the sea is crystal clear and is plentiful of marine life, so ideal if you enjoy snorkelling or diving.

And the best thing of all, the beaches are so quiet compared to Ibiza. On days where Cala conte is heaving with tourists, Formentera is tranquil with plenty of space to enjoy and a simpler pace of life.

7. Las Dalias

Whilst many are drawn to Ibiza for the clubs others come to the island searching for the famous hippie spirit. Well Las Dalias has this in spades.

Home of the legendary all year round hippy market Las Dalias is known as the epicentre of all things bohemian. Located on the Northern side of the island the venue hosts live performances from artists from all over the world.

It also has wonderful food and drinks to enjoy and on Monday night during the summer you can find an evening hippy market. You can literally be on the dancefloor and take a breather buying beautiful handmade jewellery, perfumes and crafts!

More on: lasdalias.es

8. Casita Verde

If like me you have an interest in ecology, conservation or natural products, then Casita Verde is worth visiting. Casita Verde is an experimental ecology project that aims to study and apply sustainable living techniques. Started in the mid 1990’s, volunteers have transformed a country finca into a functioning and modern ecological farming facility.

Open every Sunday to visitors throughout the year, the volunteers at Casita Verde show us how the farm is ran self-sustainably and provide us ideas of how we implement these practices in our own lives. They also offer activities, such as tours of the centre, music sessions and opportunity of experience healthy vegetarian cooking.

Or if you feel more like pampering yourself, you can try the local organic skin and body care products from the farm or a massage from the well-being area.

More on greenheartibiza.org

9. Hostal la Torre

If you’ve ever been to Ibiza, you know how seriously people take their sunsets. One of the most spectacular panoramic views is from a seat at La Torre. Hostel, restaurant and bar, this popular spot in Cap Negret has people coming from all over the island to view the magical sunsets.

La Torre also offers sunset boat trips, massages and other leisure activities. But for me a glass of wine and the panoramic scenery is all I need.

More on latorreibiza.com

10. Punta Galera

If you want a different beach experience than the tourist filled white sandy beaches Ibiza has to offer then Punta Galera is the answer. Not so much a beach but a formation of flat rocks sticking out over the sea, Punta Galera is a draw for those who enjoy sunbathing, cliff-diving or snorkelling. There are several trails along the coastline that you can explore, there are also sunset cave tours offered by locals.

I personally enjoy the beauty of the red-gold flat rock formation against the azure of the sea. You can stand on the edge of the cliff and feel like you’re on the edge of the world.

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